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Do you have enough toasters and dishes and would rather have a “sunset cruise” or a “luxurious honeymoon suite” as a wedding gift? Would you rather have the honeymoon you have always dreamed of Rather than of more "stuff" for your house? On your free honeymoon registry, list anything you want to do on your honeymoon – even portions of your trip. It works just like a gift registry. Guests purchase portions of your dream honeymoon as a wedding gift. *There are no set up fees  *Covers any area worldwide *You can register your all-inclusive, cruise or customized wedding plans  *There are thousands of honeymoon ideas and photos for all items  *You can collect your gift monies anytime  * You get a free Wedding Website  *We will help you inform your guests!  It takes about 15 minutes to register and give you a break from the details of the wedding – it can be fun to plan the part of your wedding when you get breakfast in bed, a massage, chocolate covered strawberries…. It is your dream list! 
Just click on the picture link above for more information and get started today.