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"This was the.Best vacation I have ever taken. I can not say enough about the greatest seven days of
ultimate relaxation. The friends that I have met from all over the world and the networking is something that I would have never imagined. lt has been five weeks since the cruise and I am still talking to my friends and family about how wonderful it was.'

"I've met over 1,000 singles with SinglesCruise in less than 2 years, and I haven't encountered anyone I didn't like. lt is like a family picnic going on these cruises as everyone watches out for each other and is there to have a great time. I have made some great lasting friendships from all over the globe and some even in my own neighborhood. Thank you SinglesQruise for getting us all together.'

'This cruise provided me a safe haven where I was able to meet and interact with other people like myself. It was great because there was a wonderful variety of personalities in the group which allowed me to find people that I had a lot in common with. I made a lot of good friends as well as found my lifetime Cruise Mate"